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Premium Plan | Bid-Builder Estimation

Comprehensive Construction Estimation With More Detail.

Builders that use Bid Builders Estimating find that the Premium Estimation is more useful in construction as our schedulers
spend more time preparing the estimation. More detail is provided in the Structural Element of the build. This Estimation
is delivered in MS Excel where you have the ability to change all construction costs and adjust margins.

Premium Estimation Details

The Premium Estimation provides an adjustable custom bill of quantities, construction rates, final
construction price and a detailed client cost report.

Purpose, tender price which is suited for cost plus projects or a preferred Builder who requires a
detailed bill of quantities & construction rates.

  • Custom Estimation
  • Custom Project Quantities
  • Extended Scheduling Detail
  • Extended Estimating Detail
  • Adjustable Quantities & Rates
  • Adjustable Sub-totals
  • Adjustable Final Construction Price
  • Adjustable Builder’s Margin
  • Two x Cost Reports
  • Labour Rates Report
  • Guidance & Support
  • Report Submission, MS Excel
  • Import to Software

Premium Estimation Pricing

Bid Builders Estimating makes your life easy, so all you have to do is sell. Saving you time, to spend more time onsite.
Each estimation is priced individually based on project complexity and information provided.

Single Storey

Premium Estimation

$1990 – $3000*

Double Storey

Premium Estimation

$2590 – $4500*


Premium Estimation

$2690 – $7500*

* Estimation price may be increased based on project complexity, pricing excludes GST. Estimating delivery time between 3 – 15 working days
(additional charge may apply)

Recently Completed Premium Estimations

Location State Price Range
Watson Bay NSW $790k – $840k
Rosedale NSW $960k – $1.02m
Essendon VIC $4.28m – $4.42m
Sunshine North VIC $3.11m – $3.41m
Mount Martha VIC $2.78m – $2.98m
Rose Bay NSW $1.78m – $2.01m
Vaucluse NSW $2.98m – $3.14m
Hawthorn East VIC $1.78m – $2.14m
Brighton VIC $2.89m – $3.17m
Ascot QLD $1.04m – $1.32m
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Over many years we have worked with Builders, Designers and Home owners to ensure all construction costs have been estimated to give the best price indication possible.

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